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Eng. Abdel Halim Mahmoud has researched in the Noble Quran and religious references for more than twinty  years and came out with the development of a new theory in religions called the “The Governance Criteria in God’s Religion“. The Criteria has been entirely extracted from the Noble Quran, and it governs and evaluates the three requirements of worshiping, namely: Learning, Thoughts, and Actions of believers. The Criteria teaches and governs the needed foundation knowledge to enlighten the believer what is right and what is wrong in God’ religion. The “Thoughts” Criteria governs the accepted thoughts sent down from God, and the rejected ones came from artificial man-made thoughts. Finally, the “Actions” Criteria governs and assesses the right acts and their promised rewards and the bad acts and their punishments

The values of the God’s religion are based entirely on the crystal clear verses revealed by the Holy Quran, which confirm that the religion of God is one religion, that had been sent down to all his messengers from Noah and Abraham to Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, and the same had been sent down to people in his books: the Bible, the Gospel, and the Quran to enlighten people after the messengers

The call of the religion of God is one call since the creation of our father Adam, and it  had never been changed, that is to save people from the darkness of worshiping human, stone, cows and the obedience of Satan to the light of worshiping and obedience of one God, the Lord of Worlds, who created people, gave them life guidance and blessings, gave them the life and promised the paradise in the Hereafter for those who have believed in God and in the Last Day, and worked good deeds, regardless of the name of their religion , origin, color, or gender.

The one goal of worshiping God is to reform in this world. The values in the religion of God are crowned by the “No Compulsion in God’s Religion” value. This value is the most constant and consistent values because it aligns all other values and thoughts of God’s religion

Other values of God’s religion call to build, cohesion, and the cooperation of human societies on basis of knowledge exchange, human values and societal norms, and securing justice and peace, equal human rights of the world citizen, and ensuring the respect and security of practicing religious acts and places of worshiping for people of all religions, boredom and beliefs provided there is no racial nor religious extremism that harms others

Here is a list of my different research published on my websites

The “Standardized Methodology Criteria for Quran Translation” along with my initiative to establish a new science for Quran translation on linguistic basis, not on-basis of adopting a specific religious doctrine as the current case. I have analyzed most of all current Quran translations and found them all are translated based on the believe of Sunnis or Shiites or other doctrine, not based on the actual words and language of Quran.  So, I have formulated, and published the first draft for “Standardized Methodology Criteria for Quran Translation”, and called for establishing an academic institute to be dedicated for setting and improving the proposed methodology criteria, and for accrediting any Quran translation that would be complying with that criteria.

I have proposed the following 5 Criteria for standardized methodology of Quran translation

        المعيار الأول: التعريفات والرؤية الاستراتيجية والمهمة والقيم

       المعيار الثاني: القارئ المستهدف من ترجمة النص القرأنى الخالص

       المعيار الثالث: معايير المترجم أو فريق المترجمين

       المعيار الرابع: النص القرأنى ومعايير الفهم الموضوعى والتعامل مع ألفاظه ومعارفه

       المعيار الخامس: معايير ترجمة النص القرأنى

The “Global Strategy for the Muslim World” in 2006 , and revised it on 2011.  

 المقالة الأولى: تقييم قدرة الأمة المسلمة على حل مشاكلها

المقالة الثانية: التحليل الاستراتيجي لمشكلات الأمة المسلمة

المقالة الثالثة: تابع التحليل الاستراتيجي لمشكلات الأمة المسلمة

المقالة الرابعة: تابع التحليل الاستراتيجي لمشكلات الأمة المسلمة

المقالة الخامسة: تابع التحليل الاستراتيجي لمشكلات الأمة المسلمة

المقالة السادسة: مقترح لإطار عمل لاستراتيجية الأمة المسلمة

+The Governance Criteria of God Religion,  training courses’ curriculum 

+Tnowledge Based “Mankind Organization Model” at One Quran Verse

+Defining The Religious Concepts of the term Islam


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